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How can i find a pug that will stay small through its adult years?

QUESTION: How can i find a pug that will stay small through its adult years?  I want a pug dog badly but i want …

How do you get a pug puppy to quit biting?

QUESTION:  I have a pug puppy that is 9 weeks old and he bites alot. I have had people tell me to give him …

What is the appropriate weight for a pug?
How to get rid of pugs bad breath?
How do i know if its pure pug blood?
Are pugs more likely to have health complications then other dog breeds?
How to get my 5yr old Pug to let me clip her nails..she hates the Groomers ?
How can i get my pugs to smell good?
Can someone please help me find a decent Pug breeder in Oregon?
At what age should you stop breeding pugs?
How can I keep my 5 year old pug cool while im at school?
How come pugs get pimple like things?
How do I teach my Pug to play?
Is it ok for my pug puppy to sleep in my bed with me?
How do I keep a pug dog warm in cold weather?
Why is my puppypug sucking on my other dogs nipples when she isnt even the mother or even ever had puppies?
My 4 year old pug has can only breath with her head up is this most likely from an elongated soft palate?
Is it a pug thing that they make a hocking sound like they are going to get sick?

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