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How much should a 6 month old Pug weigh?

QUESTION: How much should a 6 month old Pug weigh? I feel like my Pug isn’t as big as she should be. She is …

How do you get a pug puppy to quit biting?

QUESTION:  I have a pug puppy that is 9 weeks old and he bites alot. I have had people tell me to give him …

Why and how often should you drain that musky stuff from a pugs backside?
How come pugs get pimple like things?
Are pugs more likely to have health complications then other dog breeds?
How long are pugs suppose to last?
Is it true that pugs have difficulty giving birth?
How many times a day should I feed my pug?
What is the difference between a girl pug and a boy pug and a black pug and a fawn pug?
For anyone who owns a pug which is better male or female?
What two dogs made the breed known as pugs?

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