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Do pugs have a proclivity for hearing loss?

QUESTION: Do pugs have a proclivity for hearing loss? I have two pugs and they have both gone deaf around their 11th birthday.  Does …

How do I get my pug off my lap?

QUESTION: How do I get my pug off my lap? I’ve accumulated 2 pugs after a divorce long story. Anyway when I got the …

How much and how often should I feed my pug?
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What is the best puppy food for a female pug?
Do all pugs breathe very loud when sleeping and awake?
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What should I do about my pug’s hairless spot on her stomach?
How much would you say a pug from a reputable breeder would cost?
Where can i find information about a pug group in westchester ny?
Can a boxer puppy and a pug puppy grow up together fine?
What to do about a pug noisy dog that is a year old?
What kind of personality do pugs generally have?
How can i find a pug that will stay small through its adult years?

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