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Are pugs worth the money people charge for them?

Are pugs worth the money people charge for them?

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fbcd2dfdd7d9126e9386cbf1b7d5feccQUESTION: Are pugs worth the money people charge for them? I have been thinking about getting a small dog and pugs have the rep for having great personalities. Where i live they run around $400…I do not plan on breeding. Any advice would be appreciated!

ANSWER: We paid $800 for our pomeranian from a private breeder.The going petshop rate is $1200 here.I would definitely buy from a breeder who has both parents even if it means paying more. We saw how gentle and small both parents were and Xena has grown up to be exactly 6.5 lbs smart and VERY gentle/loving. At the petstores for more money we saw 5 month old pomeranian puppies that were almost twice as big as our dog has grown! We also found that the petstores here around NYC buy from breeders in Missouri Oklahoma and Arkansas… and when we went to the websites of those breeders they would have sold us pups for about half the price including shipping :-I think that if you’ve researched the breed and spend $400 or more on a dog from a reputable breeder then it is totally worth it. Spend $400 at a petstore and you are getting a dog worth $200 or less so not the best quality most likely.

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