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At what age should you stop breeding pugs?

At what age should you stop breeding pugs?

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QUESTION: At what age should you stop breeding pugs? Me and my husband have a male pug that is around 3 years old we are getting ready to get a female who is almost 7. We want one litter out of them that away we have offspring from the male. We dont know if the female is to old to breed though. We dont want them for money just want to have one pup at least from the male because he is a very well tempered family pet. Also the female is a fawn and our male is a black pug will that make any difference at all? If you know the answers or have a good website about it please let me know.

ANSWER:  Just so you know just because your male has lovely temperment does not mean the pups will be like him. Unfortunately with dog breeding and this is the reason why having a purebred dog with papers is so important it is not just the parents that are integral to having healthy lovely tempered pups. If either grandparents on either side of the parents had genetic problems health issues etc it could come through in your pups. If you do not know the parents of your current dogs on both sides and their lineage do not breed! Some people think that purebred dogs with papers are all about ‘stuck up’ people who are concerned with ‘good blood’ – it is so much more important than that. The history of the dogs you are breeding from is integral to the health/temp of your pups. If you are not experienced in this area do not breed! You said that you haven’t yet got your female dog – how do you know her temperment is good unless you have already lived with her?If you are considering breeding your dogs my best advice would be don’t. However there is probably little I can say to convince you otherwise such as the thousands of dogs in shelters because of irresponsible breeding and overpopulation or all the medical problems that can occur with your bitch and her pups I have a friend who is a registered breeder with 20 years experience I could tell you horrible stories about how the mother needed an emergency c-section how she rolled on her pups and killed them how much a risk it is to breed from a female dog as it is not unusual that some can die from giving birth…. If you are definately going to breed please please please do your research properly. Speak to some registered pug breeders so they can give you advice. Have a vet you trust explicitly on hand have some $$ saved in case your female and the pups need emergency medical attention etc. I don’t know how much you know about dog breeding as all I have to go by is your original post which is why I am trying to give you some good info.

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