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Can someone please help me find a decent Pug breeder in Oregon?

Can someone please help me find a decent Pug breeder in Oregon?

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1368322031_509715003_2-pugs-for-sale-HyderabadQUESTION: Can someone please help me find a decent Pug breeder in Oregon? My boyfriend and i are looking into getting a Fawn male pug puppy sometime after christmas. Does anyone know of any decent breeders or any websites ? I would appreciate ANY help. Thanks so so so much!I have looked into shelters in oregon for pugs that was my first choice- to help a baby in need…but could not find a baby boy pug. Please do not judge me because im going through a breeder its not your place…i just had a simple question.

ANSWER: Can I recommend a rescue? There’s one in Portland called Pacific Pug Rescue which is really easy and very reliable. I should know it’s where I adopted my pug from or Up until recently I was looking for a pug looking primarily at shelters and breeders but avoided rescues because they seemed like a lot of trouble filling out paperwork driving to the foster home etc. It wasn’t until later that realized it was a lot smarter to adopt from a rescue then any breeder or a shelter. I got to this conclusion for several reasons:1. You know what you’re getting. As you should know by this point pugs can have A LOT of issues many that are very costly to fix and take a lot of extra work. When buying from a breeder they will most likely NOT tell you if the puppies are predisposed to any problems and you will probably find out too late once it has cost you $1000’s to fix I should know I work as a tech at a vet .  As for shelters they usually don’t know much about the pugs history and so it can be a real toss up as to whether you adopt a healthy one.Rescues ALWAYS tell you exactly what you’re getting into. Each pug they get has been thoroughly examined by vets usually more then once. They let you know about every little problem each dog has whether its as simple from fleas to a luxated patella primarily because they’re paranoid and want to make sure that you don’t deicide to get rid of the pug first issue you have. I’ll admit they seem really protective about which dog goes to which home but that only ensures that you take home the dog that’s just right for you 2. Not to mention it’s a to cheaper to  adopt from a rescue averaging $200-400 per pug which includes spay/neuter micro-chipping vaccines etc compared to purchasing from a breeder where the puppy will cost between $500-1000  and will later have to pay extra for neutering another couple of hundred vaccines etc3. The rescue has A LOT of pugs right now because of the economy  people are giving them up because they cant afford them ranging from puppies to older pugs. So don’t think you won’t be able to get a puppy just because it’s a rescue.4. You can feel good knowing that you saved a needy homeless dog! :   5. I had a VERY hard time finding a ‘reliable’ breeder in Oregon. Every breeder I heard one good thing about I heard 3x more worse things from other doctors/techs I work with. So just think about it. I’m not trying to push a rescue pug on you because I think buying purebred puppies are bad. I just had a really great experience with the rescue and because of that I ended up the perfect pug for me.  I currently have a friend going through them to adopt one and I know when I’m ready for my next pug I’ll go back to them! And although I know when you go to apply it’ll seem like a lot of work  but trust me after the paperwork’s filled out it does go really fast and you’ll have a pug sooner in your home then you expected!

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