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Caring For Your Pug’s Eyes

Caring For Your Pug’s Eyes

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pug-eyes-5Eye problems can run the gamut from irritation or injuries to allergies, inflammation, or infection.

A swipe from a cranky cat or a brush with sharp-edged foliage can scratch your pug’s cornea.

Eyes can also be injured by blowing dust, dirt, or debris when a dog hangs his head out the car window.

Grass seeds or particles can enter the eye when a dog runs through tall grass.

During the pollen season, many dogs have mild allergies, which are manifested in red, itchy, watery eyes.


When irritation occurs from a speck of dust or dirt, blinking usually produces tears that clean the eye. You can also bathe the eyes with preservative-free saline solution, like that used for rinsing contact lenses.

Never use any ointments or eye drops without checking first with your veterinarian.

Drops containing any type of steroid that are put on an eye with a scratch or puncture can permanently damage the eye.

A normal eye is bright and shiny.

If your pug is squinting and the eye appears painful, red, or cloudy, your veterinarian needs to have a look right away.

Early diagnosis and treatment could save your dog’s vision.

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