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Do Pugs have a lot of health problems?

Do Pugs have a lot of health problems?

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images (1)QUESTION:  Do Pugs have a lot of health problems? I want to get a puppy for my daughter’s 4th birthday coming up and she really likes Pugs.  From what I’ve read about them they really seem to be the breed for our family.  The only thing that I’m not sure of is that I’ve heard they can have a lot of health issues.  Also I want to make sure that they are good with children too.  If someone could help me out I’d appreciate it or if someone knows of another small breed that may be good for us that would be appreciated too.  We need a dog that can live in an apartment has a good tempermant with children doesn’t need a ton of exercise and isn’t too difficult to train.  If anyone has any advice for me I would really be appreciated?

ANSWER: I HAVE A PUG SO LISTEN UP!! not really but you cant have them in really hot heat. they are the best dogs youll have. ive had lots of dogs and ve been through it all so get a  pug youll love it!!! and your daughter will. THEY DONT HAVE LIKE ANY HEALTH ISSUSES! just keep them healthy and you wont have one problem!

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