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Dog Peeing In House

Dog Peeing In House

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Dog Peeing In House…HELP!

This is a topic of great frustration for anyone who has a house-trained pug, like I think I do.

Rico is used to walks, long walks, short walks, medium walks.  Walks of every kind.  Every since he was first brought home at six months, he has been a walked dog.

I started by taking him out every single day, about every two hours.  The walks would be for about 10 minute each, with one long walk towards the end of the day.

So we walked about anywhere from 1 to 2 hours per day.

And he peed and peed and peed on EVERYTHING in site.

I know that he was marking his territory, which is what dogs do.

But there have been many times throughout the year where Rico would decide to pee, in the house, on my long, beautiful drapes that puddle onto the floor.


Is Your Dog Peeing in House on Purpose?

Over the years, I would notice that he would do this once in a while, and I tried to figure out why.  I knew there was no sense in yelling and screaming and sticking his nose in it, because from what I understand, dogs do not remember why you are yelling at them if you catch them after the fact.  At least that’s what “they” say.  By “they” I mean all the smartest pet experts in the world.

But I swear, if I would into the living room and see that he peed, and say, R-I-I-C-O-O-O???????  I would find him literally hiding from me somewhere else in the house.  I swear he KNEW what he was doing.  Yes.  I do!  I know they say they don’t remember, but honestly he would not even look at me.  It’s like he was messing with me!

But to be serious for a moment.  I realized that the times that this would happen were always times of “anxiety.”  For example, a stranger was in the house which made him nervous.  Or we were gone for some time, and maybe someone had come knocking on the door and scared the bejeebers out of him, so you know what…he peed!

At any rate, I started to pick up the drapes and leave them up high, and lo and behold, he stopped peeing in the living room.  That went on for a good year.

I thought the problem was over.  All had been so good.

That was until last week.   I figured after all this time I could have my lovely drapes down again.  And then, there it was, just a few days ago.  I saw he had peed on them again.  After all this time. We had all gone on out, or left to go somewhere, and he was probably ticked off, and maybe someone came to the door, and he got scared, and so once again there goes my dog peeing in house.


What Can you Do If Your Dog is Peeing in House?

Here are some ideas of what you can do if your dog is peeing in the house, and marking.

  1. FIRST, DO NOT hit or spank your dog after the fact, it makes no sense, because they don’t connect the dots that peeing in the house is for the punishment.
  2. Remove the offending item from the area.   Rico marks on this one drape, if it’s up, he doesn’t do it.
  3. Put baby gates up to keep your dog out of the rooms that he marks.  Rico has only EVER marked in the living room, which is a room that we do not use much. This is probably the best advice of all.  Gates up, no access to the rooms they like to mark.
  4. Keep your doggie close to you when you are home, don’t let him wander into other rooms.  If he does, follow him.  If you can catch them in the act, and you can correct it soon as it’s happening, it makes a much stronger impact.
  5. Notice the behavior of when someone is the house that makes your dog nervous.  Rico literally GOES into the living room when he’s nervous because he knows that’s where he can pee.
  6. Now, if your little pooch is offending often, then there could be a urinary infection or problem that needs to be treated by a vet.  My pug is not doing this “often” it’s occasional, and from what I can tell always related to some sort of anxiety.

If you have any ideas, thoughts or questions related to this topic, I would love to hear them!




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