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How can i get my pugs to smell good?

How can i get my pugs to smell good?

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61c3a54c9fc466ff_EasterdogggQUESTION: How can i get my pugs to smell good? ok- My pugs always smell bad mean i bathe them about once or twice a month any more than that would dry them out And they smell good for about a day or so. I also have to be careful about what products i use because they have extremely sensitive skin. I know some dogs just are stinkier than others but I am very clean and have a very clean good smelling home and want my dogs to smell fresh also. And yes they are inside dogs-i don’t believe in having dogs just to throw them in the backyard with no human contact. So no suggestions saying put them outside PLEASE!

ANSWER: My pug loves baths. So I bath him about once a week. You should check his ears and face wrinkles. My dogs ears smelled horrible and it was an ear infection. He used to have a lot of ear wax. i would clean out every other day. My vet gave me some medicine that cleans his ears and wrinkles and he smells great now. Have fun.

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