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How do I get my pug off my lap?

How do I get my pug off my lap?

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1493196_682849001767255_485004383_nQUESTION: How do I get my pug off my lap? I’ve accumulated 2 pugs after a divorce long story. Anyway when I got the 2nd pug puppy I got her originally to give attention to my 1 yr old pug. I fed her expensive dog food and she is healthy anyway I did not let her sleep with me as I did w/misha; huge mistake since I started realizing she was acting up and becoming depressed. I immediately gave equal attention and gating them off to sleep in their big 5’ wide indoor kennel. Ok the puppy is now 2 years old and will not leave my side or lap. If my older pug wants attention she attacks her and Misha is not a fighter. Can or how do I correct this behavior?

ANSWER:  From what you have written the older Pug is possessive over you does not like split attention and throws her weight around with the younger Pug to get her own way and would possibly happier as an only dog as some prefer the companionship of their owner to that of a second dog in the house hold. Not surprising the younger Pug does not want to shares floor space or be away from your side if the older Pug bullies her. She is looking to you for protection and needs you to handle her problem with the older Pug by asserting your will over the older Pug’s and when you see she is about to bully the younger Pug step in and tell her leave in a firm calm voice. If she ignores you and she will see if behavior that worked in the past will in the future for a while immediately correct her. She has to learn you mean what you say will consistently follow through and it is in her best interest to toe the line and do what you the person who she should see as in control wants. Perhaps attach a house lead to the older Pug’s collar supervised use only so easy to pick up and stop her in her track and correct with a sharp tug upward or reel in to physically remove her away from the younger Pug. It would be better for the younger Pug to have her bed or crate away from the older Pug in a different part of the house until you are sure that she is not being bullied as she would have somewhere to go where she could rest undisturbed and feel safe.

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