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How do I get my pug to stop attacking my cat?

How do I get my pug to stop attacking my cat?

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g-120506-tdy-catsdogs-8a.grid-6x2QUESTION: How do I get my pug to stop attacking my cat? I have a 1 yr old pug who keeps going after my 18 yr old cat. She is entirely too old to be dealing with this. It used to be that it only happened when my fiance and I were eating. I get that food was involved. But now it’s happening when no food is around and when my cat bats at her she lunges full force like she’s looking to fight. We’ve tried scolding and a squirt bottle they are not working. Can anyone please help?!

ANSWER: Well your pug is still a bit young so you still have to teach her the difference between right and wrong. I completely understand your concern for your cat. Cats and dogs as we all know are natural enemies. So it could take some time but I would try and get your cat and dog together in the same space for a time and try to get them to warm up to each other at least to a point where they don’t fight as much. then after a few minutes separate the cat and dog and keep them apart for a time. Try to do this every now and then until you think the chances of them fighting are not too great. this can be hard sense they did not grow up together so be patient. Also talking to your local vet for advice would be very helpful. Good Luck ^_^

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