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How do I keep my Pug from pestering other dogs?

How do I keep my Pug from pestering other dogs?

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tumblr_l7jfgk9C9Z1qb3dzqo1_500QUESTION: How do I keep my Pug from pestering other dogs?    My 1 1/2 year old Pug Bruno is quite the ‘social butterfly’ but when he meets new dog friends he keeps pestering them when they don’t want to play.  Bruno will constantly follow the other dog and will not leave the other dog alone.  Bruno is in no way aggressive towards the other dogs.  He just wants to play.  How can I correct this?  Any thoughts? He has been in Obedience and Training and passed.  He is great on a leash but when we have other dogs friends dogs come over or if we visit  that is when the ‘pestering’ begins.

ANSWER: Pugs are generally very social dogs.  Their need to please and draw attention to themselves were bred into them long ago.  This ‘pestering’ is a behavior that most pugs do.  Mine have similar ‘issues.’  However you can train them to stop this behavior if it is getting out of hand.  You can always try teaching them the ‘leave it’ command.  This command is mostly used when they pick up something that they shouldn’t.  But you can also use it to let them know that they are doing something that they shouldn’t. Good luck!

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