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How do i know if its pure pug blood?

How do i know if its pure pug blood?

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pug_02_lgQUESTION: How do i know if its pure pug blood? what do i look for when buying a pug dog? I am looking at a litter of pugs from a breader which its only her second litter.The mother of this litter has maltize blood in her from her mum she looks like a pure pug but the eyes are not as poped in and her nose not so flat other than that u wouldn’t know any different. The father is a pure pug dog. The puppy  pug im interested in looks like its mother  but im scared later on when it grows up can it change and look more like a maltize dog  ??? Is it bad to have mixed blood with maltize but its from the mother’s mum??? Also is it true pug dogs dont open there mouth and pant with there tounge’s out?

ANSWER:  Well if you want a pure bred Pug you are looking at the wrong litter.  If the mom is not pure bred the puppies aren’t either.

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