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How do I make my pug stop biting?

How do I make my pug stop biting?

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tumblr_lgh3leV83I1qz581wo1_500QUESTION: How do I make my pug stop biting?   I have a 5 year old pug that bites.  She does not bite me normally although she is terrible with friends and family and it makes life very hard.  I raised her from a puppy and did everything as I was supposed to.  I even hired a dog trainer and nothing is working.  I am getting married in 8 months and don’t want my dog to kill my new hubby.  Any advice?

ANSWER: Is it a mean bite or a flea bite?  Sometimes Pugs try to de-flea you for whatever reason … but if it’s a real bite bite the Pug is probably having a hissy fit for lack of attention.  It’s not an easy thing to break.  Yelling at a Pug doesn’t work if they won’t mind you when you use a regular tone they aren’t going to mind when you yell.  Our male Pug has a hissy fit from time to time if he wants something and I haven’t tried to figure out what it is.  He’s really spoiled rotten.  He was our first Pug and his feet rarely hit the floor.  He was carried and everyone in the family had to hold and play with him.  He was the center of EVERYONE’s attention.  So he started biting me when my attention was directed elsewhere instead of on him.I found that if I turned and looked at him and gave him the ‘no’ command it usually didn’t work.  Nothing I said to him worked.  He’d bite me and chew on my shoe or step on my foot.  It would take me several commands before he’d quite.  Then  I recently found out that when I was using commands they came out more like a question than a direct command.  I’ve had to work on that … and now when I say ‘no’ … or ‘off’ … or ‘drop it’ they listen and do what I say.  I found that all it took was changing the tone of my voice … and not allowing either one to get away with a behavior they shouldn’t be exhibiting.  It’s real hard though especially when they look up at me with those pleading little big eyes.  I just want to scoop them up and tell them they’re the best little Pugs.  But I hold off and try not to laugh … then give them a stern command. Good luck with that.

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