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How do I make my pugs stop running away?

How do I make my pugs stop running away?

, / 13861 0 How do I make my pugs stop running away?  I have two pugs and they both run away whenever we open the door or let them off the leash. One day when one of my pugs ran away we just said “go home” and surprisingly he did but he still runs.

ANSWER: I have pugs and they don’t run… so you must be keeping them healthy.  I hired a trainer when my pitt would get out the door and run.  Here is what the trainer did to make her stop.  Put your pug on a really long leash and have some yummy treats in your hand. I used hotdogs. Go outside.  Everytime the pug looks at your give her a piece of treat.  She will learn to stay close and constantly keep you in her sites.  Do this for about 4 days and then start varying when you give a treat.  That way she will never know when she will get one so she will stay extra close and look at your often. Now my pitt looks all stupid when we go outside because she takes a step and looks at me then takes a couple and looks at me but she never gets more than 3 steps away because she is hoping for that treat. Until you  have trained your pugs you may want to use a baby gate so that they can not reach your door. Good Luck.

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