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How do I make my pugs stop running away?

How do I make my pugs stop running away?

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Q: I have two pugs and they both run away whenever we open the door or let them off the leash. One day when one of my pugs ran away we just said “go home” and surprisingly he did. But he still runs and so does the other one but nothing stops him but running after him.

A: “I have pugs and they don’t run.. so you must be keeping them healthy.  I hired a trainer when my pitt would get out the door and run.  Here is what the trainer did to make her stop.  Put your pug on a really long leash and have some yummy treats in your hand. I used hotdogs  Go outside.  Every time the pug looks at your give her a piece of treat.  She will learn to stay close and constantly keep you in her sites.  Do this for about 4 days and then start varying when you give a treat.  That way she will never know when she will get one so she will stay extra close and look at your often.Now my pitt looks all stupid when we go outside because she takes a step and looks at me then takes a couple and looks at me but she never gets more then 3 steps away because she is hoping for that treat.Until you  have trained your pugs you may want to use a baby gate so that they can not reach your door.Good Luck”


  • Londa Craven says:

    I have three questions on my pug, first I know to was above her nose and the cracks on her face and her ears because of the wax, but I have such a hard time doing this because she will not hold still, and for you guys, my vet told me to put Vitimin E oil on the cracks on her face and above her nose to keep it moist. Anyways, any ideas to keep her still enough to do this. Okay next qustion, she has terrible breath, a friend of mine brushes her dogs teeth, I do not think she will let me do that, I let her have those dental chews, they do not do anything. And the third one, is her nails grow so fast, it cost me anywhere from $11.00 to $5.00 to get them cut which I can afford, but I would like to do them myself, but I am not sure how far to go so I do not hurt her. My husband could help hold her, I just do not want to hurt her. Thanks for letting me ask these questions….Oh and one of our dogs constantly has flees we have tried everything, any suggestions?
    Okay that was four questions, I’m bad…LOL…

    • Sandy says:

      My vet told me that there is a little notch in their nails which is where you should clip. Don’t go any higher than the notch because then you are in the quick. I try clipping my guys/gal’s nails and it’s a MMA fight every time. I tend to just let the vet do them when they go but if it’s between visits, my husband and I have to do the best we can. Their nails do grow really fast. It seems like every time my pugs had really bad breath it was because of a rotten tooth. Mine are actually pretty cooperative with tooth brushing, perhaps they are just glad it’s not nail clipping!!! Have your vet check your pugs teeth and then ask for any ideas. Good luck!

  • cd says: need to keep their wrinkles clean and dry, the oil is for the dry skin on the nose itself, I put pug on my left side in my arm chair (I’m right handed) that keeps pup contained, resting my arm along his back, I then pull up gently on the wrinkle to open it, this makes the eyes close as well, then I use a warm wet cloth to clean wrinkle, this may take a few tries to perfect but it works with all my pugs and gives me lot of time to clean their wrinkles. note: pug will want to attack cloth after to show it who’s boss and its good harmless fun for all. 2.rule out bad teeth first then try some good chew bones like milk bone or greenies etc. there is an additive you can get for water that supposed to help with bad breath.3. if you look at the nail you will see skin inside the nail (the quik) cut the nail just below that, I use a flashlight on the backside of black claws and I mark them first before I cut them. if you cut too close to quik it will bleed for a little while, you can get stuff from pet store for that, if you want to keep some on hand.4. we use advantage topical for fleas, our vet uses this and we have had very good luck with it, no reactions.

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