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How do I reduce my Pug’s shedding?

How do I reduce my Pug’s shedding?

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sheddingQUESTION: How do I reduce my Pug’s shedding?  I know pugs are natural shedders but I would like to do what I can to cut down on the shedding.  My Pug is 15 months old is on a high quality food but he still sheds like crazy!!  You cannot even hold him without being covered in fur.  Any suggestions?

ANSWER: Regular bathing and brushing can work wonders.  You can find rubber-bristled brushes and sometimes gloves! at a local pet store.  Brush him for a few minutes every day and this will cut down on a lot of the hair that comes off of him.  You may also be able to find some nutritional supplements or diet for skin and coat that may help.

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