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How long will it take to train my 2 pug dogs?

How long will it take to train my 2 pug dogs?

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awww-snugglesQUESTION: How long will it take to train my 2 pug dogs? i have 2 one year old pugs and i am training them 10-15mins each night. just basic sitstay fetch. how long will it take before they will do these commands without having to persuade them with a treat.

ANSWER: You need to train them separately for each to give you their full attention. It’s a very common problem with people taking on two puppies at once that they bond more with each other than with their owner. You should be the focus of their developing brains not their mates. You don’t say if you have just taken on the two dogs or if you have had them since earlier puppyhood. If you had them for a long time this problem is probably fairly deep-rooted. If you’ve just got them they are still settling in and you need to give them individual attention. Pugs are pretty intelligent and by a year old I would expect a puppy to have mastered the basics you are trying to train for. Actually I’d expect that much earlier by 3-4 months if I’d had a pup from the start. Why not take them to classes one dog with you and one with another friend or family member so each dog gets that important individual attention. The trainer should be able to advise you with all your questions. Also it will be good when you can cease being reliant on treats to get obedience as pugs are prone to weight gain and maybe that’s why you are concerned. Sounds a bit to me as if these lovely bright little dogs have got you trained to reward them rather than the other way round!

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