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How much can you sell Purebred Pugs for?

How much can you sell Purebred Pugs for?

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1383158_600674003329359_1819926864_nQUESTION: How much can you sell Purebred Pugs for?    I want to breed my 1.5 year old Black Pug Male with my sister’s 2.5 year old Fawn Pug Female. How much can we sell each puppy for? We live in Northern Illinois if that makes a difference. Also what colors would the puppies be if the parents are one black and one fawn?

ANSWER: Both you and your sister show and title your dogs through the Pug club of America first before even thinking of breeding.  Get a breeding mentor through them as well. Any puppies produced could be one of any number of colors in the ancestry.Edit: No do NOT sell puppies to just anyone who is willing to pay $500 on up.  But your  breeding mentor will tell you this and they’ll show you how to carefully screen potential owners.I forgot to mention since the female belongs to your sister supposing you both are adults only she is entitled to any money from sale of the puppies.

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