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How much does a pug puppy cost?

How much does a pug puppy cost?

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QUESTION: How much does a pug puppy cost? I wantlarge_606_03 to know how much a pug will cost with all the supplies and vaccinations. But if you can I would appreciate it if you gave me the cost of everything in the three different parts. The price of the pug and the supplies and the vaccinations. I thought pugs were about $400 but I have heard other prices. Oh and one more thing. I want a pug PUPPY! Thanks for your help.

ANSWER:  It depends on the breeder. Sometimes breeders sell as low as $600 but I’ve always heard for a good purebred you need to pay as much as any dog – $800 or $800There is no real standard for dog breeds so the price varies based on the breeder :Supplies also only vary based on the dog’s size…Let us see:Bed ~ $30-$100 I’m pretty sure you can get cheap ones but these tend to last longer and have the best comfy quality Food ~ $20-$70Toys ~ It varies exponentially. Some toys cost a ton others don’t cost much at all. It really depends on the place you buy it from and the type of toy.Crate ~ $20-$$$ $20 is pretty much the cheapest but people pay a TON for good crates. It ranges into the hundreds.Harness ~ $40 Pugs need harnesses. Leashes are too much pull for them. They make pugs not be able to breath all that well.Dog Bowl ~ $20-$60 I use a regular cheap kitchen bowl. The expensive ones are outside my price range.Dog Shampoo ~ $4-$10Treats ~ $5-$20Dog brushes ~ $3-$10This is based on my personal experience. It might be more/less expensive for you!For an 8 week old pup: $52 for the first shots and checkup. $42 for the next 2 shots and check. $100 for the neuter or $112 for a spay. Once again an experience…might be more/less for you!Talk to your vet about bills after that. It also depends on if your dog gets hurt ect. because vet bills vary depending on the emergency.Hope I helped! ~ Good Luck! ~ <3

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