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How much should I pay for a pug without papers?

How much should I pay for a pug without papers?

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1454739_615322851864474_1390131638_nQUESTION: How much should I pay for a pug without papers? I got her from my cousin and she was selling them for $500 without papers to people.  She said she’d break me a deal for the one I have now because I’m family but doesn’t think that papers are a big deal.  Both parents are purebread pugs but only the sire is registered.  I won’t be able to register my dog–how much of a discount is fair??  Thanks!!!!!-She’s offering me the dog for $400-It’s the other way around the dam has papers but sire doesn’t.

ANSWER: Well being a breeder myself…..she should be slapped.   Sounds like she is just in it for the money and does not want to put anything out.   Ask her if she did her homework on the two parents.   Why is only one dog registered and why would she have bred them if only was has papers?   Also what guarantee does she give you on possible health issues and what shots micro chipping and other items are included with the $500.00.    There are lots of questions she should answer before I would even come close to purchasing a pup from her.If you want a pug and a healthy pug….go to a good breeder and get a purebred papered dog that is out of breeding or show stock that is only being sold as a companion animal.   You will get them for the same or less than what you are going to pay now and you will know that the breeder will back you for health issues and be there to answer any questions.   Tell your cousin to go else where and really show her you mean business.    Don’t encourage her to make a profit off of a pup.   Next thing you know she will be breeding mix breeds and trying to make money off of mutt puppies calling them something special.Good Luck and stand your ground.

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