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How often does a pug need a c section to give birth?

How often does a pug need a c section to give birth?

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toy-pugQUESTION: How often does a pug need a c section to give birth? I’d like my female pug to maybe have puppies but not sure if she would need a c section to have them. Is it more often than not  that they need one? I’d imagine that would be quite expensive and hard on her as well can anyone help me out here?

ANSWER: More often than not because of the big head compared to the pelvis. See here: ’Pugs tend to have small litters. It is not uncommon for there to only be one or two puppies that survive. Some breeders have reported that a litter has cost them up to $4000 not including time off of work! Breeding your Pug can have a huge emotional cost. It is common for Pugs to require a caesarian section to give birth. It is not uncommon to lose the female during this procedure. Ask an established breeder what its like to see their beloved female Pug through a difficult birth or to lose the mama and one or all of the puppies. It is a rare litter where all of the puppies survive. Expect to be faced with the stark reality and brutality of death as well as the miracle of birth as about 20% of all puppies in a litter will die. ‘Here is a great site for information on Pugs Here is the Pug Dog Club of America’s advice on breeding your pet: Many people get a female Pug and decide perhaps they should breed a litter or get a male and decide to use him at stud. Both of these decisions require much thought research time and money. There is no benefit to the female to have a litter. Pugs frequently need caesarian sections to deliver their puppies. Any time a Pug is used for breeding extensive health testing should be done first to ensure no health problems might be passed on.


  • Stephanie says:

    I was given a female Pug for Christmas one year. 9 years later she is the best dog ever! I already rescued and had an older male at the time, who was not neutered, and by pure accident (not choice) she ended up pregnant. She had to have an emergency C-Section, in which both she and all 4 puppies survived. It was hard work, but well worth the effort. All of her puppies were well trained and adopted out to very loving and caring families. I will never have another breed!

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