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How small should a female pug be?

How small should a female pug be?

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Beautiful-Pug-pugs-13727898-1280-1024QUESTION: How small should a female pug be?   I have a female pug who is about 3 years old whom was the runt of her litter. She only weighs 16lbs. and is about 12in. tall to her shoulders. It’s not that I want her to be fat I’m just worried she may be too thin. I feed her 2 packets of wet food a day and she has her dry food all day long. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thank you!

ANSWER: From the breed standard:Weight from 14 to 18 pounds dog or bitch desirable. Sounds fine to me. You DO NOT want a fat dog; and pugs tend to get overweight quickly.

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