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How to Examine Your Pug: Ground Rules

How to Examine Your Pug: Ground Rules

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You can help prevent problems or catch them before they become serious by giving your pug a home health check on a regular basis.

Doing so helps you get to know your dog and sharpen your observation skills.

Even slight changes in behavior or condition can signal a health problem.

By getting things checked out early, you can protect your pocketbook and your pug.

Schedule It

Schedule a weekly health check as part of your pug’s routine.

Consider keeping a written “pug diary” so you’ll notice patterns or changes more quickly.

Things to note

Things to note in your pug diary include eating and potty habits.

The average pug skips a meal only rarely, so a steady decrease in appetite — or a more ravenous appetite than normal — is cause for concern.

Stools should be small and firm.

Loose stools or diarrhea may indicate a health problem or the need for an improved diet.

When your pug is a puppy

Get him used to being touched all over his body.

He should let you look at his teeth and inside his ears, handle his paws, lift his tail, and roll him over for a tummy rub and belly check.

By accustoming your pug to being handled, you’ll ensure that he’s always willing to let you — and the veterinarian — examine him when necessary.

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