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How to get my Pug to stop smelling?

How to get my Pug to stop smelling?

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Beautiful-Pug-pugs-13728048-1600-1200QUESTION: How to get my Pug to stop smelling? I have an 8 year old indoor pug. No matter what I do  he smells. I took him to our groomer and he smelled good for about two days but he went right back to smelling terrible. After talking to several groomers they said it was his skin cause pugs need to be ‘stripped’ regularly because they sometimes have a hard time shedding dead hair but I don’t understand how I can have this done and when I took him back to the groomer they didn’t know what  I meant either.What should  I do?

ANSWER: Figure out where the smell is coming from – his ears means an ear infection rear end means he may need his anal glands expressed mouth means dental problems a general odor all over his body could mean many things. Get him to the vet to be checked out. It’s normal for a dog to have that ‘doggy smell’ but a bad odor that doesn’t go away means a medical problem.If the vet doesn’t find anything it’s probably his food if you feed a crap grocery store brand. Bad foods are filled with all kinds of things that are bad for your dog and things they’re allergic to and that can cause skin issues. Gradually switch him over to a high-quality grain-free brand like Innova Evo Canidae Artemis Acana Taste of the Wild Solid Gold Orijen or Wellness Core.

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