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How to get rid of pugs bad breath?

How to get rid of pugs bad breath?

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27266_4136516698465_104371242_n_largeQUESTION:  How to get rid of pugs bad breath? My pug has really bad breath and she just got her teeth cleaned not to long ago. Her teeth were cleaned by the vet.

ANSWER: Pugs are predisposed to dental issues prime cause of bad breath   Prevention is going to be key.Feed a top quality dry food Innova and Canidae are just two — there are several excellent brands  Don’t get the small size kibble you want her to really be able to chew and scrape her teeth while she eatsNo soft or chewy treats — stick to hard crunchy biscuit type treats.  Encourage your pug to chew — get nylabones and other chew toys.Put a little apple cider vinegar in her drinking water maybe 1/4 -1/2 tsp per bowlful of waterHave your vet show you the proper way to brusth your pug’s teeth.  Use a brush and toothpaste made especially for dogs. I sometimes spray Petrodex breath spray in my dog’s mouths sold at pet stores. Ask your vet about CET dental pet chews Greenies don’t workThere is a product for dogs called ‘Smell Goodies’ made by the same company who makes ‘Body Mints’ for humans.  I don’t know if either works but they certainly can’t hurt.  Google ‘smell goodies’ for the website. Be sure to bring your pug to the vet every 6 months to monitor the dental plaque situation. Good luck!

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