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How to introduce a new yorkie to my pug?

How to introduce a new yorkie to my pug?

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QUESTION: How to introduce a new yorkie to my pug?   I’m about to get a Yorkie this month it’s about 7 months old. Fun personality 56891hyper etc. My pug for which I’ve had for 7 years now is lazy fat and not hyper at all. I’ve brought my friends dogs over before but my pug doesn’t like to share. What can I do to introduce my Yorkie to him properly so he can learn to live with him. Thanks!!

ANSWER: Introduce them leashed on a neutral area. This means an area that your pug has never been before. A park that you haven’t gone to is usually a good bet. Start at a distance and get closer. Praise your dog for being quiet and well behaved when it sees the yorkie. Get closer until you can let them sniff each other. Do not get nervous and try to keep the leash slack. Your dog will pick up on your body language if your nervous he’ll think somethings wrong and be nervous too. If you keep the leash too tight he can get restaint frustation. Keep the first introduction short so that it stays calm and friendly. Start to walk with both the dogs let them sniff around and such. Keep them close but not so they can touch each other at this point. In a few minutes let them sniff each other again. Do not punish your dog if he’s afraid or aggressive just separate them. Punishing your dog in this situation will only make him associate bad memories with your new dog. Remember to praise your dog when he acts calm or playful. Wak on for a while and let them sniff again. Repeat this until they seem at ease with each other. You can then bring them both home and see if your dog accepts the newcomer there. Keep them both on leashes but let them free in the house. Keeping the leash attached makes it easy to separate them if they fight. They will soon figure out who is dominant. I’d say because of the age difference and that your pug was there first it will be him. Give him treats before the yorkie. Feed him first let him go through doors first and greet him first when you come home. Make sure to change your pugs routine as little as possible. Overall  let your dog know that whether or not he likes his new friend he has to tolerate him. Just because he doesn’t like it dons not mean it’s going away. Remember you are alpha and the decision is yours. Good Luck!

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