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How will my pug handle surgery?

How will my pug handle surgery?

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downloadQUESTION: How will my pug handle surgery?  My 4yr old pug is suffering from luxation patella. She went in for surgery today and I am really worried as i have been told that these dogs are really sensitive. She has it in both hind legs and has to back for the other leg in 6 weeks. Would it have been better to do both legs at once?

ANSWER: It is natural to be worried about your dog but I’m sure your Pug will be just fine.  Yes because of the shape of their noses Pugs tend to have breathing troubles and can have problems with anesthesia.  That is why like most surgeries your dog will have a endotracheal tube placed in his airway.  This ensures that she will have plenty of oxygen.  The anesthesia is gas so she will be able to wake up faster if there is a problem as it is breathed off and doesn’t remain in the bloodstream like injectible drugs.  While the Veterinarian is performing the surgery a Technician or two will be monitoring your Pug’s vital signs and making sure she is allright.  She will probably be hooked up to an EKG and Pulse Oximiter that will monitor her heartrate and breathing as well.  It is very similar to the equipment you see in human hospitals.No it is better to do the legs individually.  If she had surgery on both legs at the same time her recovery would be much much longer and odds are she wouldn’t recover as well either.  She will need one leg to hold the weight so she can move around while the other leg heals.  Otherwise if both legs are weak and out of surgery she would just be laying around and her muscles would be too weak.  If you have questions/concerns just give your Vet a call.  They are there to help and will be more than happy to discuss anything with you.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.Good luck with everything!

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