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Is A Pug For You?

Is A Pug For You?

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Pugs are more then a just a cute face.

Pugs may be cute to look at but they also snore, wheeze, grunt, dribble water every time they take a drink, fart, sneeze in your face and shed copious amounts of hair.

A pugs job is to be a companion.  They live for being your companion night and day.

Pugs were bred to be lap dogs and provide people with company. A pugs job is to be a companion and if you are away from your pug for many hours a day they are unable to do their job.

They love being everywhere you are and are happiest living with you in your house and going with you when you go out.

Pugs like to sleep on your bed, lounge and their favorite place is usually on you.

They will tolerate being left at home alone for short periods of time but a pug exiled to the backyard for extended periods of time is not a happy pug.

If you are unwilling to or other commitments mean you are unable to share your life, house and in some cases your bed with a dog then a pug is not for you.

Pugs die from heat!!!

Due to a pug’s physical make up they are more susceptible to heat stress.

You must be able to keep your pug cool in hot weather. Pugs die from heat!

If possible you should have an air-conditioned house and car or access to either or both. Plenty of cool drinking water should always be available for your pug.

Cool coats and mats are great for hot pugs.

If you are unable to provide a cool environment for a pug on hot days then a pug is not for you.

A pug is for life.

A pugs lifespan is anything from 10 to 15 years. If you are not willing to commit yourself to your pug for its entire lifetime then a pug, or any breed of dog, is not for you.

Pugs shed hair and lots of it.  They shed hair 365 days a year more profusely twice a year, with some pugs having double coats who shed even more. So if your family has allergies to any kind of dog hair then a pug is not for you.

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