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How do you end a war between a pug pup and a male adult boxer?

QUESTION: How do you end a war between a pug pup and a male adult boxer? We now have three dogs: two boxers one …

How come pugs get pimple like things?

QUESTION:  How come pugs get pimple like things? My dog has these bumps all over his head and face it’s real weird the vet …

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What’s the difference between the Chinese pug and pug?
Pug people do you know if a the average pug can travel in the cabin of an airplane?
How do i get my pug to stop biting?
How do I make my pug stop biting?
How to get rid of pugs bad breath?
How long do ‘pug’ dogs male usually live for?
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Is it true that pugs are prone to a lot of sickness or injuries?
What do i do if my pug still feels like shes got a pup kickin inside her?

People can be really self-absorbed, it’s a characteristic that our pets don’t have. There has been recent news about the British Small Animal Veterinary …

Running of the Pugs…So Cute!

These happy pooches cannot wait to take off! Watch this adorable video from PawBuzz and put a huge smile on your face.     …