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How can I get rid of her foul breath?

QUESTION: My Pug Jill has the most rotten disgusting breath! How can I get rid of her foul breath?  My kids refuse to cuddle …

What is a mix between an golden retriever and pug?

QUESTION: What is a mix between an golden retriever and pug? I like a pug and a golden retriever so I am wondering if …

How do I stop my Pug from peeing on my furniture and curtains?
How will my pug handle surgery?
How much should a 6 month old Pug weigh?
My Pug Is Just So Hyper Are All Pugs Like That?
If a pug dog has a white patch on its chest does this mean it is not a purebred?
What kind of harness should i buy for my pug?
Is it true that fawn colored pugs shed more then black ones?
Is it ok to take my pug for walks in hot weather?
How can I keep my pugs hydrated in extreme heat?
My 4 year old pug has can only breath with her head up is this most likely from an elongated soft palate?
Why are pomeranians dirt cheap in India but pugs are super expensive?
How do I train my pugs NOT to sleep in my bed I just need a little space.?
When taking small pets as carry on … do they weigh or examine carrier?
Why do pugs lower their heads when you go to pet them?
When I try to housebreak my pug puppy he cries the whole night. Is there anyway I can help him stop crying?

People can be really self-absorbed, it’s a characteristic that our pets don’t have. There has been recent news about the British Small Animal Veterinary …

Running of the Pugs…So Cute!

These happy pooches cannot wait to take off! Watch this adorable video from PawBuzz and put a huge smile on your face.     …