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Pug Owners: How snotty is your pug?

Pug Owners: How snotty is your pug?

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Carlin_22QUESTION: Pug Owners: How snotty is your pug? I have my appointment with my vet for my pug’s second shots. So I was planning on asking them then regarding this. But how snotty is your pug? Mine sniffles almost constantly and sneezes a few times a day. I was just wondering how much sniffling is common in pugs? I am aware that they are prone to sinus infections but I was just wondering what is typical. Thanks.

ANSWER: Have two six month old pugs – verrrry snotty. Constantly getting snotted in the face ;-PThat’s the danger of living with pugs!As mutt mommy said- unless its green or yellowish then its fine. Clear snot is ok. My dogs have been doing this more in the fall because of allergens in the air and whatnot. It might calm down some in the winter.

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