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Pug Trivia – Pug’s Signature Wrinkles

Pug Trivia – Pug’s Signature Wrinkles

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While we can’t be 100% sure of the reasons behind ancient dog breeding practices, it is widely believed that the pug’s signature wrinkles were valued because the extra flaps of skin formed the shapes of Chinese characters.

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  • cd says:

    As far as we know the pug orignated in China as far back as 400 BC. This breed was found among only the wealthiest and the royals. The Chinese, when overseeing a breeding or whelping, would specifically look for either wrinkles or coat markings that would form characters from the chinese language. The Pug’s forehead wrinkles would be checked for the formation of the “W” shape, which resembles the Chinese character for “Prince.” ( just a note of fact on pug marking)

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