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Running of the Pugs…So Cute!

Running of the Pugs…So Cute!

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These happy pooches cannot wait to take off!

Watch this adorable video from PawBuzz and put a huge smile on your face.


It’s so funny how these pugs all take off at once!

Which is a gaggle of running pugs so adorable?

Maybe it’s just me, but I would to have been there to see this in person!


Have you ever seen this many PUGS make a mad dash all at once?! If not, you’ve got to check this awesome annual Pug event out!

It’s an annual event in Toronto, Canada called the”Running of the Pugs” put on by the awesomepeeps at Pugalug Pug Rescue as a fundraising effort to pay the vet bills of their rescued pugs.

This maybe the best/most ridiculously adorable thing I’ve ever seen in Canada! It’s pure “Happiness” in a nutshell. What a wonderful event!



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