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What are the causes of Pug dogs having spotty hair loss?

What are the causes of Pug dogs having spotty hair loss?

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draft_lens14408611module126780991photo_1287282007laughingpug-smallQUESTION:  What are the causes of Pug dogs having spotty hair loss? I know that Pugs are not supposed to live outside but we have no choice unfortunately. We did construct a very nice large insulated heated and air conditioned dog house for them. They get their shots worm medicines flea and tick prevention good food and fresh water. They are played with and loved a great deal.I recently shaved both pugs like they do at the groomers and I was saddened to see that the somewhat spotty coat I noticed on one of the pugs prior to shaving her was much worse looking than I had thought. The shaving revealed the extent of the  patchy hair loss. I very rarely ever see them scratching themselves so I don’t know if it hurts or is uncomfortable for her.What would be some probably causes of this?

ANSWER: Umm… wow.  I hate to be harsh but those dogs need a new home.  I’m sorry but pugs just are not suited to life outdoors.  Why on earth can you not bring them inside?  Second what were you thinking shaving a pug?  You never EVER shave a shorthaired dog!  It ruins their coat it makes them susceptible to sunburn fleas allergens etc.  Please do not ever think of doing this again!!!Causes of hair loss could be anything poor diet what do you consider ‘good’ food?  If it came from the grocery store or Petsmart it’s not good food to allergies from living outside for starters mange hotspots etc.  You’ll have to have a vet look them over to be sure.  Please rethink this living situation.  If you truly loved your dogs you would not be forcing a breed that truly cannot withstand outdoor conditions to be living outdoors that way no matter what their doghouse looks like.  They need to be inside a real home.  Please consider this it’s just plain cruel to leave them out there.

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