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What brand of dog food do you feed your pug?

What brand of dog food do you feed your pug?

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DCF 1.0QUESTION: What brand of dog food do you feed your pug? Our pug is 4 months old the entire time we’ve had him we’ve fed him Purina Puppy Chow. Lately our pug has been scratching uncontrollably and he does not have fleas or anything he is an inside dog and has been checked out by the vet and myself for anything. The vet never said Purina was bad or anything but now after reading up some more on pugs I find out that most of them are allergic to corn and that is the very first ingredient on his Purina. So my question is what is the best dog food to feed a pug that does not include corn ?

ANSWER: There is a very good dog food on the market called Nature’s Variety that can only be gotten at specialty pet supply stores. The website has a store locator.The main ingredient in the kibble 40% is meat.  They have dry canned and raw frozen available.  The dry is not high heat processed so the proteins are not lost in the processing.  Very little fillers grains and the ones that are present are whole grains.  Most of your commercial grocery store dog foods are full of fillers.Go to the website to read more about their dog and cat foods.

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