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What can you put on a pug to get it to stop itching?

What can you put on a pug to get it to stop itching?

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dog_with_itchy_ears_s1QUESTION: What can you put on a pug to get it to stop itching?    My pug has been itching constantly. She’s scratched her belly raw. She’s on flea prevention so it’s not fleas. We bathed her in oatmeal bath to try to help.  Is there anything we can put on it to soothe her and stop the itching?

ANSWER:  If you can totally rule out fleas one bite can cause an all-over allergic reaction next look at her environment.  Has anything changed recently?  New carpet different laundry/cleaning products etc.?Once you rule that out check the ingredients on her dog food.  High percentages of corn wheat and other fillers often trigger allergic reactions.  Look for meat-based foods with vegetables or rice.  Many brands offer lamb and rice or chicken and rice blends that dogs seem to do well with.  Adding a little oil to her food will help with her skin if she’s not terribly overweight as pugs can tend to be.Since it’s her belly that’s raw and not over her hindquarters I’m tending to think it might be a reaction to bites.  A free phone call to your vet might be in order to determine if your flea prevention program is adequate.  If you’re using Hartz in particular please talk to your vet.

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