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What do I use to clean my pugs wrinkles?

What do I use to clean my pugs wrinkles?

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QUESTION: 1555319_681593175226171_1080228293_n I have a pug and currently I just use water and Q-tips to clean his wrinkles out as best I can but I can’t seem to get them completely clean. I know there has to be some well kept secrets out there some where so if anybody has a trick that works I would greatly appreciate it!Are there any recommended products to use? Can I use the tearless puppy shampoo I use to wash him as long as I rinse and dry well?
ANSWER:I breed pugs I have pugs.  Q tips are ok but I get better results using an old wash cloth with warm water and a little soap.   Just keep gently wiping until they are clean.  You can also use baby wipes.Don’t be afraid to get in between those wrinkles.  Also it is a good time to check and clean those ears. Then pat dry when done.

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