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What would be a good dog to pair with a Chinese Pug?

What would be a good dog to pair with a Chinese Pug?

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1475989_643074145756011_366003334_nQUESTION: What would be a good dog to pair with a Chinese Pug? I got a little Pug puppy for Christmas but feel like I should get another one so that Dixie has a playmate. I wanted to branch out to another breed but didnt know what breed would be compatible with a pug. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

ANSWER: Hmmm a compatible dog with a female Pug.  We started with a male Pug and got a female Pug for him as a playmate.  They absolutely love playing together.  It’s just the best to see the two running and scootin’ along.  They love playing and chasing after toys.  She’s the only one that’s been able to keep up with him.  She actually has more energy than he does.  She still wants to play when he’s tired.  They’re both real sturdy dogs and can run and bump each other.  She’ll run and bite him on the side of his face or back of the leg trying to get him to chase after her.  I don’t know of another sturdy dog maybe an English Bulldog?I have read while researching Pugs that it’s better to have only one female.  The female Pugs like to be in charge.  We’ve had them neutered and spayed because we also did our researching on breeding and didn’t want to have any accidents.  Little female Pugs don’t always do well while having puppies.But the two get along really well.  I enjoy watching the two play for hours.  They’re very entertaining.  She plays hard – the best way for you to see how hard is to look at the clip backyard pugs at the link below …Good luck in your searchedit — sorry I meant French Bulldog …. not the English Bulldog

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