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7 Things To Check Before Buying a Pug Puppy

7 Things To Check Before Buying a Pug Puppy

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Yes, they are ADORABLE and completely impossible to resist.

But If you are considering buying a pug puppy, here is a a pug puppy checklist you need to keep in mind before you buy your furry little friend:

7 point pug puppy checklist

7 Things To Check Before Buying a Pug Puppy:

  1. The Eyes:  A pug’s eyes should be bright, sparkling and clear.  If the pug’s eyes are teary, he may be in poor health.
  2. The Nose:  The nose should be cool and slightly damp.
  3. The Gums:  It is very important to check the puppy’s gums to be sure that they are not inflamed or pale in color.  If the gums are inflamed, the puppy may have gingivitis.  If the gums are pale, the puppy could be anemic.
  4. The Ears:  Check the ears to be sure they are free of wax or dirt.  If the puppy has was inside his ears, it may be just that they have been neglected and not cleaned properly.  But it could also mean that the puppy has ear mites.
  5. The Body:  The puppy’s body should be smooth, and maybe a little plump, but not too skinny.  If the puppy’s ribs are sticking out, he could be undernourished.  And if the Puppy is pot-bellied, he could have worms.
  6. The Coat:  The puppy’s coat should be smooth and even.  Check for bald patches, scabs and specks of black dirt.  If the coat is dull looking or dotted with scabs or bald patches, he could have ringworms.  If he has tiny specks that look like dirt, he could have fleas.  Obviously it will be harder to check for black flecks if the pug is black, so look closely near the skin.
  7. The Hindquarters:  The bottom should be free of dirt or discoloration.  If the tush is wet or dirty the pup could have diarrhea or urine scalding which is a sign of potential poor health.


  • Marlene says:

    Do pugs shed constantly and what can I to make a little better and what can I give her so she won’t shed so much?

    • Hi marlene! Yes pugs shed constantly constantly constantly! And the hardest part about it is that they shed like large dogs! I found the only way to really get a handle on it is to give them a good brushing daily outside. You also can take them to the groomer and have them help you keep shedding down by technique I’ve used where they thin out the hair. Don’t let anyone talk you into shaving your pug. From what I understand it’s really bad for their skin. There fur is there to protect them so you don’t want to shave it all off. It’s very unhealthy for them when you do that. I have learned to live with the hair in the house and bought a good vacuum. A robot vacuum. Different kinds of brooms. Etc. to keep the house tidy but it’s something I have had to live with! I hope this helps!! Laura

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