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Are pugs good pets considering their possible health problems?

Are pugs good pets considering their possible health problems?

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71i47HKiu+LQUESTION: Are pugs good pets considering their possible health problems? I’m thinking of getting a Pug but I’ve heard that they get a lot of problems health wise. Ihave found a breeder who includes a check off any possible inherited eye problems. Does anyone who has a pug had any problems?

ANSWER: This was recently posted by a pug owner on a forum I participate in;I’ve wanted a Pug for as long as I can remember. My dream finally came true when I purchased Sgt. Bilko in January 2008. He is my little man and I absolutely adore him! I fell in love with the breed and had always intended to breed them.When Bilko was about 8 months he started getting what I can only describe as ‘Asthma’ Attacks. I brought him straight to the vet and he was booked in for an explotory exam. It was torture watching him gasp for breath. It was discovered that he had a soft pallette condition which is prevelant in short nose breeds. He was operated on and the surgery was deemed a success. I was assured that I would still be able to breed him. I began showing him and brought him to his first Kennel Club Show. I was left utterly stunned when I saw all the other Pugs there. Grossly Obese and snorting More than usual! and gasping for breath. I was told my Bilko was far too lean and that he would have to at least double in size. It was also suggested that I could do this by basically feeding him pure crap. I couldn’t believe this? My vet thinks he is one of the healthiest Pugs he has ever seen? Then the ‘Asthma’ Attacks started again…. He was brought back to the vet and this time the news wasn’t great. His voicebox was collapsing. Again a side affect of the short nose breed. But the most worrying thing was that there was no apparant reason for the collapse? He is not overweight and is as fit as a fiddle. He was operated on last week and we are currently awaiting the outcome. All I can do is hope that he will now be OK. He has no voice at the moment.I have now decided that under NO circumstances will I breed him. I’ve been doing a bit of research and am absolutely appalled that the Kennel Club Standard for this amazing breed will in fact as far as I am concerned wipe them out. If the person from the KC that decided that these beautiful little dogs sould be forced to live a life with no nose and obesity was a fly on the wall in my house for the past few months all they would have seen is my poor little man gasping for breath with a look of pure terror in his eyes. And me beside him on the floor crying and trying to calm him.I think what the KC have done to Pugs is now gone beyond criminal and I for one want to call a stop to it. A real Pug Lover could NOT wish this life for their pet.As she says personality wise they are lovely little dogs but they are more than likely to have multiple health issues and these can be distressing for the dog and heartbreaking for the owner.I have also attached a link to an online version of ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’ there is a clip in the programme showing what pugs used to look like before the features became so exaggerated as well as more information on the current state of the breed so it may be of interest to you.

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