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Are their any health problems that pugs are prone to?

Are their any health problems that pugs are prone to?

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1231652_593027370760689_210267685_nQUESTION:  Are their any health problems that pugs are prone to? Usually certain dog breeds are prone to certain types of health problems like being blind or arthritis later on in life. I am unsure weather pugs have any as I am planning on getting one soon and I’d like to know in advance so I can spot any signs if they were to occur thanks.

ANSWER: I have a pug and from my research they are prone to many health problems. Eye problems cherry eye or having their eye come out because their eyeballs are protruded and more at risk for injury.They also are known to have bone problems later in life like arthritis because of their weight on their short stubby legs. About 30%-50% or more have breathing problems. Their nostril holes are much too small for their nose to breath and some are born with nose holes too small and most have surgery to enlarge them.They are known for sensitive digestion tracks and have gas! Lots of it! Pugs are my favorite dogs. My male pug has all kinds of unnormal issues unlike other dogs. He’s always gassy snorts and snores louder than a grown man and sheds like CRAZY!I have to sweep my floors and vaccum around the furniture almost every other day to keep the hair from piling up. They absolutely HATE getting their nails clipped. I started mine young and he BIT me! D: He would never harm a fly but he’ll bite when I try and clip his nails. It’ll need to be done by a professional. They also need baths as often as possible without drying out their skin. They are stinky/sweaty babies. Most importantly they are the sweetest dogs! My boy is worth every trouble that I have to endure. He is so funny and intelligent loving and CUTE as a button! I highly suggest getting a pug if you are willing to put the effort into keeping him maintained. They are full of personality and just a joy. : Here’s a picture of my pug Miyagi on his 1st birthday. He is a LOT more stocky and filled out now he looks like a buddha. Hopefully you can see it.

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