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Do pugs have a proclivity for hearing loss?

Do pugs have a proclivity for hearing loss?

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Q: I have two pugs and they have both gone deaf around their 11th birthday.  Does the breed have a unique genetic disposition towards deafness?  It’s just odd that both of mine went deaf around the same time.

A: While there is nothing definitive – it does not appear that it is a recognized congenital defect in the breed.  However I did find several entries where rescue organizations indicate there seems to be a higher than average incidence of deafness in Pugs.Sorry that’s all I could find.



    My pug went blind and deaf at age 11 and also diabetic. He passed the day before Christmas.

  • Mona says:

    I have 2 male pugs.the oldest is 11years old and he has a cataract,hard of hearing,and has arthritis in all four legs.But other one is 9 yrs. old and still very spry and loves to run and play.

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