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Do Pugs Shed?

Do Pugs Shed?

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Do Pugs Shed?

099A lot of time when I am out walking my little Rico, I get asked this question…”Do Pugs Shed?”

And I usually break out into laughter, and say “OMG, they shed like two big dogs in one!”

Having never had any kind of dog or pet before, I had no idea when we got our Pug how much they shed. And I didn’t do any homework on the breed because my darling husband just sprung Rico on me one day.

I was so mad at him after dealing with the fur all over the house I called him and said, or rather screamed… “You’re buying me a Dyson!”

At that point he would have done anything to get me off his back, so of course the next day I had a $500 vacuum sitting at my door thinking it was going to be answer to my hairy problems.

Well, guess again!

The amount that pugs shed makes it IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the hair.  They shed CONSTANTLY.

Pugs shed ALOT, 365 days a year, In fact, You WILL need a good vacuum cleaner, a lint roller, leather furniture helps and also hard wood of slate/tiled floors! If you read or hear anything different, you are being ‘taken for a ride’.

Also, it’s important to keep in mind that their fur is very “needle” like and it gets into woven fabrics very easily, and basically stays put!  For example, we have a fabric sofa, and you can literally go over it several times, the fur will not budge.  Sometimes it helps to have a vacuum attachment with a brush so you can brush and vacuum as you go.

How Much Do Pugs Shed?

The fawn-colored pugs have two layers in their coat, so they actually shed more than black pugs.  Black pugs typically only have one layer of hair so they do not shed as much as fawn pugs, who have double coats.

do pugs shedOne way, you can reduce the amount of a pug’s shedding is to get a black pug.

But if you already own a fawn pug, then the best way to keep your pug’s shedding to a minimum is to brush him every day.  Pugs are such cozy little creatures, they usually love being brushed and stroked and close to you.

And brushing really helps, but be sure to do it outside.  Because once you start brushing your pug, and they give a shake, well…it’s all over the place once again!  Fur from pugs get into every nook and cranny of your life!

Yes, a pug is a guarantee that you’ll have fur all over the place. On every piece of furniture, on all your clothes and in your car. You don’t even have to put your Pug in the car, the fur will just be there…and EVERYWHERE else. If this is at all a concern to you, and if you or a family member suffer from allergies, don’t get a Pug.

So be sure you realize this really important fact about how much pugs shed, because it can be a deterrent to a lot of people considering one of these adorable, quirky, fun and fabulous little creatures into their lives!




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