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How much does and average pug cost in supplies?

How much does and average pug cost in supplies?

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imagesQUESTION: How much does and average pug cost in supplies?     I might be getting a pug soon. I’m not concerned about buying a pug and I’m not concerned about the price of supplies. I just need to know. By supplies I mean…..toyschewstreatsa cratecrate beddinga collar and leashfoodbrushesnail clippersfood and water bowlsear cleanerand doggie soapthanks so much i think this will help me

ANSWER: I got my pug a little over 2 months ago… He cost about $450 with microchipping and first shots. I spent close to $400 before I picked him up getting a bunch of supplies and treats for him food crate bedding all that other stuff  : but I spoil him you may not spend that much. Look on craigslist you can get a lot of puppy supplies there in fact I live in Austin and if you’re interested I have some of his old stuff collars harness etc–it’s hardly used because he grew so fast. You didn’t mention vet bills but you shouldn’t forget those! Go visit the vet you’re choosing first… the first one I chose was cheap and I got what I paid for.. I didn’t go until his first appointment and the vet was loud and scared my puppy and the office smelled terrible. A few weeks ago I had a scare that he might have gotten into some paint so I took him to the emergency vet and that cost a LOT! So make sure you have a nice little pile of cash hidden away for dog emergencies. since you’re asking about prices his emergency vet visit cost almost $200. Do you know about all of pugs’ restrictions and health issues? Make sure you look up what to do in case of emergencies and how to prevent them overheating out-of breath. Good luck!!!!!!!

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