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How much exercise can a pug handle?

How much exercise can a pug handle?

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6923765769_73bd640c4dQUESTION: How much exercise can a pug handle? I want to get a pug and I live in Houston. It gets hot and humid in the summer. I just wanted to know how much walking can they do. The walks  would usually be in the evening when it cools down. Can they handle a mile walk?

ANSWER: Pugs are very hardy little dogs and as long as they are eating a proper diet and not overweight they can walk farther than a mile no problem. Remember this is a dog not a human and even little dogs are very hardy. If it is hot just remember to bring some water and make sure that he has had a good drink before you go out.    I personally love Pugs and grew up with a friend with two pugs named Spunky and Brutus and they were an absolute riot !!!!

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