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How to deal with leaving pugs alone for long periods of time!?

How to deal with leaving pugs alone for long periods of time!?

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Q389387_158256994316963_921278184_nUESTION: How to deal with leaving pugs alone for long periods of time!?  I really want a pug but I’m concerned with the fact that I will be leaving it alone for 6 hours a day 5 days a week! I know pugs do bad when left alone for long periods of time so what do you suggest? Please and thank you.

ANSWER: That is a lot for a puppy at first. I think the bigger issue with pugs is leaving them alone and completely ignoring them when you are home. I do think an adult would be better or at least a puppy that is 6 months old if you can’t avoid leaving them for 6 hours a day right now. I actually own a pug puppy- 3 months old. I go to graduate school full time and I work 20 hours a week. She is never alone for more than 4 hours tops and really it is about 31/2. However I do have my boyfriend dog sit some of the time so she isn’t by herself longer. She sleeps for most of the time anyway. When I leave her I make sure she is good and tired and has had a good meal I have a poo area for her in my little sectioned area. I leave her with a special toy–a kong filled with peanut butter and a few crunchy pieces of food– to keep her occupied for awhile. She is always quiet when I come home–no destruction in her area. She runs to the bathroom to her little area when I get ready to leave pugs are super smart don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! and gets super excited because she knows she gets her Kong! Again I’m not sure about the pugs being left alone. They are less independent dogs but I think it has much more to do with people who do not want to spend time with their dogs when they are home than leaving them for a couple of hours. I know plenty of people with pugs who have jobs some of them are involved with pug rescue. I can’t say how many hours they are gone a day but I know their pugs aren’t with them 24/7.If you want a pug and you think you can give it the time it deserves when you are around and you will devote time to training then by all means you should get one. 6 hours isn’t really that bad when there are people with dogs who leave them 10-12 hours a day and think for some reason the dog is so much better outside all day. Edit: I don’t know why my answer got a thumbs down. People who think you can’t ever leave a dog alone need to get their heads out of their asses. How can I feed my dog if I don’t work? Hmm?

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