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Is it normal for a Pug to be thin?

Is it normal for a Pug to be thin?

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2893867870_325355f67bQUESTION: Is it normal for a Pug to be thin? I thought they were usually bigger? I have a pug who just turned a year in December. He has long legs and a thin body. His bones dont stick out or anything but he’s thin and long. He’s hyper plays eats everything normal but I just worry about why he’s thin and not chunky like other pugs i’ve seen pictures of.

ANSWER: Most pugs are fat because people overfeed them. Easy to do when they’re so insistent about begging and their cute faces are so persuasive. However he sounds like he’s the perfect weight. As long as you can’t feel his ribs too easily that’s great.If you’d like try adding the white of one egg to his food once a week. It’ll make his coat nicer gives him a bit more in calories and will help decrease shedding as an added bonus.

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