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My pugs are breeding what do I need on hand to help when the puppies come?

My pugs are breeding what do I need on hand to help when the puppies come?

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DIGITAL CAMERAQUESTION: My pugs are breeding what do I need on hand to help when the puppies come? This will be her second litter but her first with us. I read on another site that I should have almost like a doctors bagon hand to in case she needs the help. I live only 6 blocks from her vet but if she goes into labor after hours I want to make sure I have everything I need. How many have had pugs that have had a c-section? How do you know if they need to have one?BEFORE ANYOONE ELSE ANSWERS THIS QUESTION I WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY MORE RUDE ANSWERS!!!!! I WILL REPORT YOU!!! I have been reading on this for the last 6 months waiting for her to go into heat. I was just asking what others experience has been. I read on another site that she had a Stethoscope and other medical tools. I am offended that anyone would think I am some dumbass yahoo that is in this for the money!! I love my dogs and have several well known friends that want pugs. If all you are going to do is criticize GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!Yet again dumb ass out there can’t read. I DID NOT BREED HER THE FIRST TIME!!!!! I rescued her from an abusive home. The fact that people are talking about hings they don’t know shows how self absorbed some people can be. I have helped stop several puppy mills and have seen the enviroment they live in. Trust me I treat my dogs as if they were my own children. I resently hade surgery and went home early because my husband was working 12 hr days and no one was home with them. I thought that this forum was for getting others ideas and experiences. I only asked here in case someone knew something my vet dosen’t know or just forget to mention. My intention here was to get the wisdom of others. What is the differance between reading a book and speaking to people that have been through the same thing?!?!?! To let others know I am serious I have reported Veronica Sawyer for attacking me and my question.

ANSWER: Here are some links. I’m in dachshunds and *knock on wood* haven’t had any needed c-sections. The usual needs are sharp nail scissors to cut cordsa lot of people tie floss or clamp but mom doesn’t have those things *lol* just cut.. if it bleeds a lot just pinch it with your fingers for a few seconds. I’ve only had one that I had to pinch.a baby bulb syringe the one with the long neckold style not the small cone shaped ones you see nowlots of hand towels – for drying puppies off if neededa rought terry cloth type is best as it will stimulate the puppy when you rub it like moms tounge would. If more then an hour has gone by take her for a walk on leash. Bring a towel so that if she goes into labor you can catch the puppy while you get her inside. The walk hardly ever fails to keep labor going. Signs of distressed labor are excessive panting and digging usually followed by whimpering and restlessness. I would recommend taking her temp daily or once morn once night the last week before day 63. if her temp drops below 98 degree’s she will go into labor in the next 24-48hrs. if she does not.. then take her to the vet. Many people get an x-ray about a week before the due date it seems like all vets are diffrent so you might ask him to see how many puppies and puppy posistion. i’m not big on the x-rays as i’ve seen premature birth and ‘dee de dee’ effects accompany to many of them. Many breeders swear by them though so you might discuss it with him. Good Luck! new puppies can be nerve racking but they are always exciting[add in]For the slow one’s.. she’s talking about what she needs for a NORMAL birth.. not doing a C-section herself… are you high or something???? *LMAO*

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