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Pug Health: Eye Discharge…

Pug Health: Eye Discharge…

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ScaredPugGoopy eyes are a common affliction of pugs.

Like people, dogs produce tears — a combination of mucus and water — as a way of cleansing and lubricating the eye.

As the tears drain, the result is a watery or mucus-like discharge that can be clear, whitish, cloudy, light yellow, brownish, or reddish.

This type of discharge is normal and can simply be wiped away with a dampened tissue, paper towel, or soft washcloth (use warm water but no soap).

Some eye discharge, though, can signal injury or disease.

Thick, greenish gunk or heavy amounts of normal discharge are a clue that a visit to the veterinarian is an order.

It’s especially important if the eye is red or swollen or the dog is squinting or pawing at his eye.

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