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Pug Owners Celebrate Their Pugs

Pug Owners Celebrate Their Pugs

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What is it about us crazy Pug Owners that make us want to dress them up and show them off?

I guess it’s just because, as we all know, they are the CUTEST little dogs in the whole world.

And I don’t think I am being biased about that.

Just have a look at the Pugsters Calgary facebook page, and you’ll see why!


Members vote for who they think should be the pug king and queen.

This year, it’s Yuri and Hulk. 

Even though some people may thing all pugs look the same, their owners can always tell them apart!

“They all look kind of the same but all of the members can tell their pug apart,” said Libby Porter, with the Pugsters Calgary meetup group.  read more at

You can see more of these absolutely adorable dressed up pugs at at the Calgary Pug Prom Gallery.

Check it out, and you might be inspired to dress up your little boy or girl in a cute outfit, and maybe start up a pug meet up of your own in your own town!

There are always people looking for pug meetups!

Comment below and send us your pics to share!

~pug pug pug ♥

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