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What are some overall experiences raising Pugs?

What are some overall experiences raising Pugs?

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tumblr_mj8p6nzu8n1s3g52no1_500QUESTION: What are some overall experiences raising Pugs? I’m seriously considering buying a pug dog. They’ve been my favorite breed for a long time now so I’m trying to get as much information as possible on them. Ups? Downs? Costs? Life span? Good names? I live in the Southern Californian desert around Palm Springs. Would even the inside day heat which is seldom under 85*F be bad for him?As much as you can possibly give a potential owner.

ANSWER: I own a pug and he is the sweetest little dog I have ever had!  His name is Rufus and he is 1 year old I have had him since he was 8 weeks.  They are so full of character and they really are full of attitude!If you like a dog that will cheer you up after a horrible day and put a smile of your face a pug is certainly the right choice!  They are so full of their own importance you can’t help but laugh at them.As far as expenses go theres the routine vet visits including jabs microchipping worming flea treatments etc that come with any dog which don’t cost too much.  Then theres food; to feed a high quality dog food can be expensive but is well worth it in the long run.  However i must warn that pugs are prone to many illnesses and can cost an awful lot at the vets if they require treatments.  My dog suffers quite badly with his skin which is finally getting under control but I haves spent roughly $1000 in vet bills in one year alone.You must be careful in the heat with a pug and the cold too as they are very sensitive and can find it hard to cope due to their poor beathing.  You also need to take into consideration castrating your dog å£100 upwards and grooming costs plus the time and effort you must put into cleaning the fold across the face and proper care of eyes and ears to prevent infections.All that said they are worth every penny and every bit of effort!

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